यस्त्यक्त्वा | Yastyaktvā

INVOCATION TO PATAÑJALI: This much less common invocation to Patañjali celebrates him as a manifestation of Siva. As such he is lord of the serpents and snakes—the king of the Nagas. These serpents are able to live on nothing and arise from nothing … which is their refuge and abode. As such, Patañjali fears nothing in either this world or that, for those things that seem poisonous, in this world, are a product of the serpents' ability to create all.
For further details on Patañjali, please refer to the Patañjali biography.


यस्त्यक्त्वा रूपमाद्यं प्रभवति जगतोऽनेकधानुग्रहाय।

प्रक्षीनक्लेशराशिर्विषमविषधरोऽनेकवक्त्रः सुभोगी।

सर्वज्ञानप्रसूतिर्भुजगपरिकरः प्रीतये यस्य नित्यं।

देवोऽ­हीशः स वोऽव्यात्सित­विमल­तनुर्योगदो योगयुक्तः॥

श्रीमत्पतञ्जलिमहामुनये नमः॥


yastyaktvā rūpamādyaṁ prabhavati jagato’­nekadhānugrahāya

prakṣīnakleśarāśirviṣama­viṣadharo’­nekavaktraḥ subhogī

sarvajñānaprasūtir­bhujaga­parikaraḥ prītaye yasya nityaṁ

devo’hīśaḥ sa vo’vyāt­sita­vimala­tanur­yogado yogayuktaḥ

śrīmatpatañjalimahāmunaye namaḥ


Having forsaken his primordial self-imbued form, he came to this world to offer many blessings.

The destroyer of afflictions, he is accompanied by many potent and sinuous snakes of many heads who are endearing to him for he is their guardian.

The dispenser of all wisdom, he is surrounded by a retinue of serpents which delight him eternally.

May you all be blessed by that divine being, with a body pure white and spotless, who is the bestower of yoga—and who is fused with yoga.

I respectfully salute that great sage and radiant being, Patañjali.