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"I have added a couple of new classes to my usual schedule—all avilable here—and that I will be teaching Online during California's "Stay-At-Home Order"".

  1. In order to attend these classes you will have to enroll and get an account with Zoom.
  2. You must then visit this page and Register separately for each individual class you wish to attend. (I.e., even if you have bought a series, you must Register separately for each class)
  3. When you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email containing a "Meeting ID" for that class, along with a Password, both of which are required to attend that meeting.
  4. When it is time for the class, you can login to your Zoom account and click the "Click-Me" button in your confirmatioon email. If prompted, enter the Meeting ID and Password.
  5. Please note that you MUST enroll into your Zoom account so you can be identified or the Zoom software WILL NOT admit you to the class. An alternative is to enter class using the Calendar in Zoom, but for which you must login to Google. This then automatically gives Zoom the information it requires, and you will be authorized to enter.
    1. If you misplace your Confirmation Email, you can find that Meeting ID and Password published beside each individuallisted class at

      Regular students with Kofi (i.e. who still have outstanding "Hours" of tuition) need only to Register. Those who are not regular students can pay for their class(es) online in the Shopping Cart. (Select your option; Click the magnifying glass to the right; clidk the Add-To-Cart option at top left in the following screen; and then fill in appropriate details in subsequent screens to make your purchase).